About HURUmap Land

What’s the data behind the story?

HURUmap Land is a joint project of City Press, Rapport, Landbou Weekblad and Code for Africa. The data site gives infomediaries like journalists and civic activists an easy toolkit for finding and embedding interactive data visualizations into their storytelling on land ownership in South Africa. The data that informs the land ownership debate is often contested and incomplete, We will keep sourcing, cleaning and adding data sets to this site, and work towards becoming the authoritative data source on this issue.

HURUmap Land provides useful facts and data about land ownership in South Africa. Compare places using tables and maps, download data, and embed charts on your site

Re-use Manifesto

Code for Africa and its partners hate seeing civil society or anyone else being duped into wasting money unnecessarily on inappropriate technology or predatory consultancies.

There are thousands of civic apps and other technology solutions already available for reuse, free-of-charge, on communities such as GitHub.

Code for Africa is committed to help grow these resources and the global civic technology community, by making its code and data freely available. It is also committed to helping fellow African citizen agency organisations re-purpose and customise existing civic code as cost-effectively as possible.

The code for HURUmap Land is available here.

All the data used by this project and other initiatives is available for free reuse on the openAFRICA.net portal. It is already the continent's largest repository of public data, despite being volunteer run, and offers data ranging from government budget and tender information, to data about parliamentarians and other public officials.

Open Source Open Data